What is Accounts Receivable Management

What is Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)?

ARM opened for business in 1998. Our company has a well-defined purpose, which is to provide quality collections and billing recovery for the medical, retail and commercial industries. Since that time, ARM, Inc. has experience, a steady growth rate that assures a commanding presence in the collection recovery industry. A team that is second to none in experience within the state of Florida, in all phases of collection recovery, a team that is well known in this region.

ARM Benefits

To obtain the greatest possible recovery, choose a recovery firm carefully. This is important since the firm will be handling your money in a fiduciary capacity and should be fully responsible in this respect. We offer the following and more:

Full Service from Early Outs to Credit Reporting and Bad Debt

Open Lines Communications

State of the Art Technology

Contingency fee based
“No Recovery, No charge”

Ease of Placement

Service Provisions

ARM provides an array of Services.

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Time Line

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Accounts Receivable Management


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