What is RMS (Resource Management Solutions)?

RMS was founded in response to the need within the industry for a front line professional company entirely focused on providing outsourcing services to clients.

Today, “Outsourcing” is an industry experiencing dynamic growth.

What is RMS

RMS Benefits

To obtain the greatest recovery for all your avenues of your active receivables inventory, choose a firm carefully. The company should be knowledgeable in handling your receivables in a fiduciary capacity and should be fully responsible in this respect.

Budget/Time Payment Monitory

Early out Program

Deficiency Balances

Specializing in 3rd Party Recovery

Pre-Collection Services

We can specifically tailor a pre-collection effort designed to meet your needs. Our Pre-Collection Program offers simple, inexpensive and highly effective methods to reduce accounts receivable expenses and increase cash flow. These programs were developed to aid your company in making your in-house efforts less expensive, less time-consuming and more comprehensive.

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Early Out

Our approach at the “Early-Out” stage is to supplement your internal telephone procedures. In RMS, we do not act as a collection agency, but rather as an agent for your company, using your letterhead for notices/statements if needed. In addition, we can provide telephone campaigns calling as an extension of your business office.

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Resource Management Solutions

Have in place methods that comply with all HIPAA standards.

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