Timeline - Procedures For Personal Payment Accounts

Upon placement, each account is processed through our data center on the day it is received. Within 24 hours, all electronically placed accounts are loaded into our system. They are processed overnight and simultaneously the first notice is sent to the debtor.

Establishes two-way communication

Establishes two-way communication emphasizing the importance of the matter
Identifies potential valid reason

Identifies potential valid reason for non-payment
Classifies the account for payment

Classifies the account for payment

On all initial telephone contacts, the account representatives ask questions and listens. If it is determined that the account is a self-pay, our focus is to motivate “payment-in-full”. When “payment in full” is not possible, attempts are made to work out an appropriate payment schedule. For the debtors’ convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Bank Debit Cards and Pay Master Direct Checks. Settlements are not accepted without specific authorization or prior limits declared from your facility.

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